Demoreel - Claudio Moura from Claudio Moura on Vimeo

Claudio Moura began his career as an caricaturist artist in the late 90s , and his sensitivity to this genre is expressed through painting and sculpture. He participated and was awarded in festivals of various countries , such as Brazil , Argentina , Portugal , France , Romania , Serbia, Turkey , Syria , Iran and China. As a painter and sculptor contributed to television productions, he worked on big projects like ‘Hoje é dia de Maria’ considered in the finalist series in the 2006 Emmy Awards. Claudio became qualified in CG in 2009, joining his vast artistic experience to this field. As an animator, 3D artist, and technical composer, Claudio has contributed to game projects for casinos, cinema, and publicity including the game ‘Honey Buzness’ and the film ‘Noël de Walter et Tandoori’ in 2011. He currently plays a dual role as 3D artist and teacher for the video game industry in Montreal.